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The Basics

Lets get started! 🔧 First, the basics: 📕

Do I qualify to become a Servy Provider?

  1. I am a specialist in a relevant trade.
  2. I am comfortable and capable of working with clients and resolving any issues.
  3. I do not require supervision and able to provide knowledgeable advice to clients.
  4. I am able to provide at least 3 contactable references from past clients.
  5. I have all relevant tools/ machinery necessary to complete the job.
  6. I have a cellphone and is always available for contact.
  7. I have necessary transport for team and equipment to reliably and promptly travel to client sites.
  8. If a foreign national, I have necessary papers to prove eligibility to legally work in South Africa.



Training material. Please take this slowly, there is no rush 🙂

This is to ensure we all do the best job possible for our clients.


The Clients and Servy expectations

We continuously review all Service Provider profiles and get feedback from Clients in order to maintain a high standard of Satisfaction and service. If a situation does occur, we will within reason aim to educate our Servy Service Providers.

But please be aware that we will suspend or terminate the profile of a Servy Service Provider that

  1. Does not respond timeously to booking requests.
  2. Cancels bookings that the Client has already paid for.
  3. Receives negative reviews.
  4. Is involved in incidents that are due to the negligence of the Servy Service Provider.
  5. Accepts payments for a Servy booking requests outside of the Servy platform.



You will be paid a percentage 97% of your booking fee, Servy uses the remaining 3% of your fee to help cover the costs of all of the following:

  1. Advertising and marketing to bring you more clients.
  2. An experienced support team and quality educational resources.
  3. Provision of a secure payment platform so that you never have to chase clients for payment.

Payments are made once weekly. You will be paid the first Friday more than 48hrs after the booking has ended.

Please ensure that your banking details are saved to your Servy Wallet to ensure that payments can be processed. Your wallet can be found in the dashboard of your Servy profile.


WhatsApp before approving a booking

It is strongly recommended that you Whatsapp call or message before approving a booking request. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings, and ensure you understand what is required before starting.

  1. Discuss what the job involves.
  2. Asses and confirm that you are able to do the task you have presented to client.
  3. Confirm the location that is on the booking confirmation.
  4. Ask if there are any special conditions or considerations to take note of that that may impact your ability to complete the job.
  5. Ensure your client gives you a list of requirements.


What to do in an Emergency

  1. In the case of a medical emergency, call  10177  & 112 on a mobile phone.
  2. Inform the clients (and Servy) as soon as is possible.
  3. Make sure you always have the number and address of the closest hospital.
  4. In the case of any other emergency, for example a personal problem, inform the client AND Servy immediately!
  5. Send an email to support@servy.co.za with EMERGENCY in the subject line.


Be professional and kind always

  1. Be completely honest. If you cannot take a booking or do not feel comfortable with a particular job,  rather do not take on the booking. Servy would prefer you don’t take on more than you can commit to. Canceling a job is acceptable, as long as you have not incurred any cost to your client.  Honesty is also the best way to handle any difficult situations that may arise.
  2. Clear and open communication is key. Respond as quickly as possible to booking requests. Make sure the client knows exactly what to expect regarding the job offer, for example how many hours a day it will take you to do the task? If something goes wrong, whether it is a personal, or you have become ill or injured or if you can no longer take the booking, you need to let the client know as soon as possible so that they can decide how to proceed.
  3. In the event that you can no longer take a booking that the client has paid for, you must inform Servy immediately by emailing support@servy.co.za
  4. Give the best service you can! This will give you great reviews and draw in new clients and create loyal repeat clients. Before you know it, you could be our top Sery provider!
  5. The most popular Servy Providers are the ones who go the extra mile. It could be knowing your clients preference on their shopping list, or it could be sending multiple updates throughout the day. Treat your Task as it was your own.

You are almost there!

You will be able to submit these questions as many times as you like, but you will need to get all of them right